Object permanence is the understanding that objects will continue to exist even when they cannot be observed. This concept is a key development during childhood to learn about how the world works. Things, however, are not permanent. All things are continuously changing, growing, and expanding even when we cannot observe them. The lack of consistency in relationships among humans is continual. Memories alter. Each day holds a different truth. I am attempting to show that the development of “object permanence” on a larger scale is a false allegation.

Through image making and manipulation it is possible to track these changes. In books, one is able to control the change through the speed of flipping pages—in a way—but it will always bring you back to a new outlook on a seemingly still situation. Diptychs track these changes through time without the control of the viewer. Permanence and photographs share the same deceptiveness through manipulation and selection, though we are taught to treat what we see as the truth. This work will allow the viewer to see that there is inconsistency in the concept of permanence. Through my eyes, this work is an attempt to show a viewer that ultimate permanence is unobtainable.